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Courage’s Advisory Board Stands With Snowden

With the official launch of the Courage Foundation and the one-year anniversary of Edward Snowden exposing the truth of covert mass surveillance, the Courage Advisory Board expressed their solidarity with the NSA whistleblower in a wide range of articles, television and radio interviews, press and online videos. The Courage Advisory Board members demonstrated the numerous and varied ways in which people can Stand With Snowden.

Human rights lawyer Renata Avila spoke at the launch of Courage in Berlin: “The key lesson in the case of Mr Snowden is to put back human rights at the core of our priorities.”

John Perry Barlow, co-founder of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, spoke passionately to the Courage launch via video link about his support for Edward Snowden.

John Perry Barlow addressing the Courage launch, Berlin

John Perry Barlow addressing the Courage launch, Berlin

NSA whistleblower Thomas Drake gave several talks in Europe and featured on a panel discussion on the consequences of Snowden’s revelations at Wau Holland Foundation – listen here.

Daniel Ellsberg, the US whistleblower who famously released the Pentagon Papers, spoke at the Berlin launch of Courage via video link and explains why he Stands With Snowden in this video.

MI5 whistleblower Annie Machon has given a number of talks and interviews throughout the anniversary, and has written about “The Year of Edward Snowden”.

Former CIA Analyst, Ray McGovern was interviewed along with Jesselyn Radack on Russia Today marking one year after the first Snowden disclosure – watch here.

Professor of Law at Columbia University and founder of Software Freedom Law Center, Eben Moglen explains in this video for Courage why he Stands With Snowden.

Digital rights activist Andy Müller-Maguhn spoke at the Berlin launch of Courage, and explains in this video for Courage why Berlin Stands With Snowden.

Writer and activist Sana Saleem explains in this video for Courage why she Stands With Snowden.

US lawyer and activist Kevin Zeese writes for Op Ed News, “Defending Our ‘Right To Know’ With Courage”.

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