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Sarah Harrison and Grace North at the 31st Chaos Communication Congress

The 31st Chaos Communication Congress was in Hamburg, Germany, 27-30 December. On 28 December, Courage Acting Director Sarah Harrison and manager Grace North gave a talk entitled Doing Right by Sources, Done Right, in which they discussed the “ethics, operational security and public protections of sources,” in addition to the need for expanding our understanding of the term “whistleblower.”

In addition to Courage’s work hosting the defence funds for Edward Snowden and Jeremy Hammond, Harrison spoke about our upcoming projects. These include providing detailed advice for journalists to operate securely, to protect their sources from first contact to post-publication aftercare. Another project is Courage’s forthcoming Network of specialised lawyers who will be prepared to provide future sources at risk with legal advice and logistical assistance, be that funding, physical extraction, or negotiating asylum.

Harrison, who is WikiLeaks’ investigations editor, also revealed a US search warrant to Google demanding all emails and metadata from a member of WikiLeaks, which Google complied with.


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