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#FreeLauri – Your letter can help Lauri Love beat extradition to the US

Courage is taking on Lauri Love as an emergency case: we are raising funds for the twice-arrested British activist and alleged hacker who was released on conditional bail after being charged with hacking into several governmental agencies’ websites, including the US Army, NASA and the Federal Reserve. Love has a hearing scheduled for 1 September to determine if he will be extradited to the United States.

Read about Love’s case, why he’s been rearrested now and what you can do to support him. Please donate to Love’s defence fund and help publicise his case — we must collectively oppose his extradition and end his persecution. Emergency fund is here.

Meanwhile, we are closing our emergency fund for UK Trident whistleblower William McNeilly, who was dishonourably discharged from the Royal Navy but isn’t facing further criminal action. We are donating the collected funds to McNeilly to help with his resettlement. We will continue to update on his condition as we learn more.