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338 intellectuals from 33 countries join call to #ReconnectJulian

Spanish language letter has been delivered to the Ecuadorian President Lenin Moreno

Coming hot on the heels of our joint letter bringing together artists, intellectuals and activists predominantly from the Anglophone world, today a Spanish-language open letter signed by 338 intellectuals from 38 countries was delivered to Ecuadorian President Lenin Moreno.

Coordinated by MST, the Landless Workers’ Movement in Brazil, the letter calls on Moreno to end the isolation of Julian Assange. It has now been a full week since Assange’s internet access was cut off and his ability to receive visitors rescinded.

The letter expresses the concerns of its 338 signatories that “the security, integrity, mental health and political rights of Assange are being violated.” Earlier this year, two doctors examined the WikiLeaks editor in chief and warned that extended isolation in the embassy — even with internet and visitors — has endangered his physical and mental health.

Over the past week of isolation, delegations including Vivienne Westwood and representatives from Cage have gone to the Ecuadorian embassy in London in order to try to visit the WikiLeaks publisher and been refused. Tens of thousands of supporters have added their names to the petition started by Brian Eno and Yanis Varoufakis. The momentum is growing and the world is watching.

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