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Does Logan have Anything to Say?

Fundraiser to bring important artwork to London symposium

Anything to Say? is an artwork featuring three life-sized bronze figures of Chelsea Manning, Julian Assange and Edward Snowden standing on chairs. A fourth chair is left empty for passersby to stand on and speak their mind. Courage cofounder Sarah Harrison spoke from the fourth chair at the launch of Davide Dormino’s artwork in Berlin in 2015. Since then, it has been exhibited all over Europe, but never yet in the UK.

We need your help to bring Anything to Say? to London this October for the Logan Symposium. Logan is the conference started by the late Gavin MacFadyen to bring together journalists and computer scientists committed to challenging state and corporate power. Davide Dormino attended the very first Logan Symposium back in 2014 as Gavin’s guest, and he’d like to bring the sculpture with him this time. He just needs some help to cover the transport costs.

Dormino says:

Julian Assange represents freedom of expression and I believe that life without freedom is not worth living. It is time that Anything to Say? came to London. Why? Because Julian has been captive there for more than six years.

Julian Assange is under threat as never before. The Trump administration has made it eminently clear that it ends to prosecute him for the publication of classified information and there are worrying signs that his refuge at Ecuador’s London embassy may be in doubt. Davide Dormino’s artwork Anything To Say? expresses two critically important things about WikiLeaks: its key role in facilitating the most important news reporting of the past decade and its democratising influence over the news agenda. There could not be a better time to bring this artwork to London.

We’ve secured an initial donation of 1,000 Euros, and now we just need to raise the remaining 4,000.

The Logan Symposium will be held 19-20 October at Goldsmiths, University of London. If you know of another UK location that could host this artwork, do get in touch.