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Daniel Hale is Courage’s newest beneficiary

Pardon Daniel HaleCourage is excited to announce whistleblower Daniel Hale as its newest beneficiary. Hale is a former Air Force and NSA intelligence analyst who is serving nearly a four-year prison sentence for passing classified U.S. military documents to reporters at The Intercept. In 2015, The Intercept published The Drone Papers, giving the public an unvarnished window into the incredibly secretive U.S. remote assassination program, including how it selects targets to kill and how the government “masks the true number of civilians killed in drone strikes by categorizing unidentified people killed in a strike as enemies, even if they were not the intended targets.”

On May 10, Daniel’s support team is hosting an online meeting for supporters to write letters together to Hale in prison.

Courage will continue to report on Daniel’s conditions and experiences in prison, in addition to actions you can take to support him.