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Courage website back online

For a little over a year, the Courage Foundation website has been down, but we have not been out.

Our modest staff resources have been focused on the project of building, a vibrant and busy coalition of human rights defenders, press freedom advocates, and civil liberties lawyers resisting the unprecedented prosecution against Julian Assange, which has dangerous implications for journalists and their sources the world over.

The organization lost two of its Trustees during this time, and the world lost two of its most creative and courageous thinkers: Dame Vivienne Westwood and John Pilger.

Our work and campaigning efforts continue, including through Courage fundraising for those facing persecution and prosecution, and advocating for truthtellers, journalists, and whistleblowers.

Courage will continue to stand with Julian Assange and also Daniel Hale, who became a beneficiary in May 2022. This young veteran whose courage and conscience changed his life was unjustly imprisoned for blowing the whistle on the US military’s drone assassination program. He deserves to be free.

Thanks for your patience, and for your continued support.