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Daniel Hale Update

Update: On March 5 we learned that Daniel Hale has been released from prison! Thank you to all those who have written Daniel and supported his release.

Daniel Hale is serving out his 45-month sentence for revealing the clandestine drone assassination program of the Obama administration, how it chose and killed its targets based on poor evidence, and that 9 out of 10 drone casualties were innocent bystanders. He is held at Marion Correctional Institution in Ohio in a Communications Management Unit. His release date is 5 July 2024.

We strongly encourage people to write to Daniel; he both deserves and needs our solidarity and support. You can send up to 6 pages, double-sided, only on plain white paper (no cards), with blue or black ink, handwritten or printed. Use standard-size envelopes, no packages.

Daniel Everette Hale
26069-075 USP Marion
P.O. Box 1000
Marion, Illinois

Further advice from the Stand With Daniel support team:

“Be sure to use your full legal name and a physical address as the return address, not a P.O. Box. Also be aware that Daniel can’t respond to group or organizational letters, only to individual persons. Daniel can receive photos (in color) in the mail, fun memes, transcripts (such as of interesting podcasts) and printouts of news articles. He is hoping for articles you found compelling, work out routines to help pass the time, and words of affirmation! Hand drawings are allowed, and we encourage them.”

Courage Trustee Daniel Elsberg greatly admired Daniel Hale, and the two spoke weekly until Elsberg became very ill. Elsberg referred to him in some of his final interviews and wishes:

“But the final thing I would say is there are lots of things having to do with preserving the Constitution, as in Snowden’s case, or shortening a war, or in stopping a massive assassination program, the drone program, as in Daniel Hale’s case, that do make it indeed quite worthwhile to sacrifice yourself in order to save the lives of lot of people,” Ellsberg says. “I would like to encourage people to ask themselves the question: ‘Am I willing to sacrifice my career, my life, to save these other lives?’ And most people will say no. That’s humanity. That’s the way it is. But definitely, if they ask that question as I was led to ask myself the question, you can very well look at it that way and you can say yes.”

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