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Known Unknowns Fund

Keeps sources protected and free ($200k of prevention is worth $2m of cure)

Suspected sources under government investigation find themselves in a dangerous position, and are often publicly unknown. If they seek public support they draw increased suspicion to themselves and the government feels it must prosecute because it can’t quietly drop the case against them without looking weak. If the suspected source stays quiet and doesn’t seek public support, then they face the debilitating human and financial cost of trying to face the state alone, increasing the chance of a successful prosecution against them.

The investigation stage can be grueling and in many cases speaking out about an investigation could put someone at further risk of prosecution. Courage has created this fund to guard those who find themselves under investigation but for whom it would be counter-productive to create a public fund. We can defend ten times as many sources if we are able to intervene early and stop an investigation before it becomes a prosecution – which is very expensive to defend.

Please donate to the Known Unknowns Fund to protect the truthtellers who namelessly and courageously protect your right to know.

We know there are some things they do not know: let us keep it that way.