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CourageSound – the podcast

Courage is very proud to announce the launch of the CourageSound podcast, which started on Friday 1 June with a discussion of the case of Reality Winner. CourageSound broadcasts every two weeks on Radio Vendetta, with archives made available to listen back later.

Why a podcast? 2018 is shaping up to be a busy year with huge implications for our community. We want to bring you information about the big cases, the campaigns and the debates that are dominating our work. We’ll give you detailed takes on all of this, with discussions and interviews with those who know the issues best.

But more than that, we want to initiate a discussion with you, because our work is only as good as our ability to represent what the community actually wants. We’ll announce the topics of broadcasts in advance and listeners will be able to send their input by contacting @couragefound or @radio_vendetta or sending us an email.

The avuncular face of the Deep State listens with interest

Past Broadcasts

1 June 2018 – Reality Winner

For our first episode, we took a look at the case of Reality Winner, ahead of the first anniversary of her arrest and imprisonment in a Georgia county jail, where she awaits trial as the first whistleblower to be prosecuted by the Trump Administration. Hosts Naomi Colvin from Courage and Radio Vendetta’s Sonia Dietrich were joined by US drone programme whistleblower Lisa Ling, who has been working closely with Reality’s family, and Kevin Gosztola who has been reporting on the court hearings to date.

3 July 2018 – The Heat is ON

From a sweltering London in full World Cup fever, Naomi and Sonia discuss the actions planned for President Trump’s visit to the UK, Reality Winner’s plea deal, developments in Matt DeHart’s case and US Senators’ overt political interference in Julian Assange’s asylum in the Ecuadorian embassy. We also look forward to Courage’s presence at HOPE in NYC in a few weeks’ time.