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Write to Chelsea Manning

Throw a letter-writing party!

Invite fellow supporters to a group event to send messages of solidarity, support and love to the imprisoned whistleblower

Supporters gather to write letters to Chelsea in London (via @auerfeld)

Supporters gather to write letters to Chelsea in London (via @auerfeld)

Chelsea Manning has frequently said that letters and cards lift her spirits — and she reads every single one. Chelsea wrote about feeling better, thanks in large part to the all the letters she’s received. “Your outpouring of support has been incredible,” she writes. “You have made a real difference in my feelings about myself and my situation.”

Let’s keep up that support. Writing a letter on your own can seem daunting, or easy to put off until later. A great solution is to organise a letter-writing event of your own, inviting supporters in your area to get together and each pen a letter or card to Chelsea Manning. To help you get started, we’ve compiled some pointers. For more information on writing to Chelsea, see the Support Network’s page.

For other prisoners to write to, see NYC ABC’s list of political prisoners here.

Pick a good central location:

  • Choose a spot that’s safe and easily accessible, and be sure to include venue info on the invitation

Any letter or card will be appreciated:

  • Your letter doesn’t need to be a literary masterpiece. Just a simple message of support, or to say you’re thinking of Chelsea, will do her some good. You don’t have to take our word for it, Chelsea has written about the kinds of letters she receives here
  • There are limitations on what you can send Chelsea, but you can definitely draw a picture, use different coloured papers and inks, or pick out a postcard or greetings card for your message

What to bring to your letter-writing event:

  • Coloured paper and cards, coloured pens, envelopes
  • Address stickers and/or Chelsea’s address printed out large, at least one copy per table
  • Calculate postage costs and encourage supporters to bring donation of that amount, so you can send them all together once you’re done
  • Pass a hat around for donations to her legal defence fund. In the EU you can pass on that donation, tax free, via the Courage Foundation and Wau Holland

What not to bring:

  • You can send Chelsea pictures or newspaper clippings as long as they’re unframed (and accompanying a letter or card?)
  • Glitter, glued items or homemade cards (these might not reach Chelsea)
  • Don’t send any cash, stamps, blank or self-addressed stamped envelopes, or any other item of value — these items are banned. The best way to make a financial contribution to Chelsea is to make a donation to her defence fund
  • Know that everything you write and send is read first by prison staff
  • Don’t send any item that might get Chelsea in trouble


  • If you want a response, make sure to include your address in the body of your letter, as sometimes envelopes don’t reach prisoners
  • Address letters EXACTLY as follows: