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New Zealand criminalises whistleblowing, expands surveillance powers

New Zealand government follows other Five Eyes countries in surveilling its citizens and imprisoning those who speak out against it

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Roots Action and Courage team up to help Lauri Love

Courage and US-based activist organisation Roots Action are collaborating to raise funds for British computer scientist Lauri Love as he awaits an extradition ruling on 16 September 2016


Luxembourg’s prosecutor keeps digging; announces appeal of verdicts in LuxLeaks trial

Europe's banking secrecy laws come back into focus as Luxembourg challenges sentences of two whistleblowers and the acquittal of a journalist who uncovered industrial-scale tax avoidance


Chelsea Manning faces punishment for suicide attempt, highlighting injustice of US prison system

While UK prosecutors tell Lauri Love he has nothing to fear, Chelsea Manning, already tortured, is threatened with new charges and potentially indefinite solitary confinement in response to her attempt to take her own life


Courage at the 2016 HOPE Conference

Courage hosted a panel discussion on our beneficiaries, featuring a statement from Chelsea Manning and a videolink discussion with Lauri Love; on another panel, Naomi Colvin and Carey Shenkman joined Jesselyn Radack to discuss leak hypocrisy

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Lauri Love calls for fair play and justice as extradition hearing concludes

Ruling scheduled for 16 September 2016; Property Act hearing postponed; Lauri Love appears at HOPE conference via videolink

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Support Courage’s emergency funding drive to defend whistleblowers worldwide

Support Courage as we launch a major funding drive for core costs, to continue our work defending the truthtellers most at risk, including Edward Snowden and Chelsea Manning (aussi en français)