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Statement: Courage Trustee Renata Avila on new developments in Julian Assange’s arbitrary detention

"Ecuador's decision to grant nationality to Julian Assange is a welcome step, but we're still a long way from resolving this situation."

2017 – a year in Courage

It's been a busy year. Read our bulletin from the front lines of the war for information and support us and our beneficiaries through the coming year

Barrett Brown, Rev. Love and more discuss Lauri’s case before tomorrow’s hearing

Barrett explains the conditions he endured in US prisons and why Lauri would be at even greater risk, while Rev. Love and others discuss problems with the US-UK Extradition Treaty and the disparity in how the two countries treat computer crimes

MPs ask: has 10 Downing Street done anything to help Lauri Love?

Parliamentarians from all parties request that Theresa May ask Donald Trump to allow Lauri to be tried in the UK

UK panel to rule on FOIA requests in Assange case

Stefania Maurizi tells a UK tribunal why the public needs to see the deleted emails, and the redactions

Judge denies Reality Winner bail on grounds she “hates” the United States

In a harshly worded ruling that reads like it was written by the prosecution, federal judge Brian Epps says alleged NSA leaker Reality Winner "hates" the US and "admires" Edward Snowden and Julian Assange in his ruling denying her pretrial release from detention

Sources still not safe at UK borders

Court rules police can demand mobile phone passwords without suspicion