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Julian Assange’s Extradition Hearing

The Courage Foundation’s daily coverage of Julian Assange’s extradition hearing in London

Liveblog: Julian Assange in jeopardy

Julian Assange’s has been arrested and faces extradition charges to the United States; see here for ongoing legal, political and other developments

Defend Media Freedom: Julian Assange on #HumanRightsDay

Today, International Human Rights Day, the Courage Foundation partnered with a coalition of European press freedom groups to publish an advertisement in The Times to spread awareness about and condemn Julian Assange’s persecution and prosecution.

World Press Freedom Day: The Prosecution of Julian Assange

Video: On World Press Freedom Day, two Pulitzer Prize-winning journalists and the UK Bureau Director for Reporters without Borders discuss the Trump administration’s indictment of WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange and its unprecedented charges of Espionage for the publication of truthful information in the public interest.

WikiLeaks Webinars

As coronavirus containment measures preclude in-person gathering, public campaigning has moved online in a series of webinars focusing on different aspects of WikiLeaks’ impact and Julian Assange’s case

1 Year Since Julian Assange’s Arrest

Webinar featuring Daniel Ellsberg, Marjorie Cohn, Chris Hedges, and Aaron Maté, hosted by the Courage Foundation

Extradition Background: USA v Julian Assange

A case overview with recommended reading, essential background, commentators, FAQs about the case and directions to Woolwich Crown Court