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Throw a party to support Chelsea Manning’s appeal!

Courage can help you host a party to raise funds for Chelsea Manning's vital legal appeal; TransCyberian's first party in Berlin on 16 June will feature live music and crypto workshops, with proceeds going to Chelsea's fund

Courage launches emergency appeal for Reality Winner

The alleged NSA leaker, who has pled not guilty, has been charged under the Espionage Act; public support in her case will be vital

Trump Administration makes first leak arrest

Reality Winner allegedly disclosed top secret NSA report on Russian hacking

Sweden drops investigation into Julian Assange – Courage statement

Julian Assange’s asylum must be respected and WikiLeaks staff must be protected from political persecution. Sign the open letter

Courage fundraiser for Chelsea Manning’s legal appeal

On the day that heroic WikiLeaks whistleblower Chelsea Manning walks free from Fort Leavenworth, Courage is partnering with Reporters Without Borders Germany and the Wau Holland Foundation to kickstart a much needed fundraiser for her legal appeal.

Open letter to Donald Trump: drop charges and investigation against WikiLeaks

Sign your name to the open letter calling on the Trump DOJ to drop any charges against and close the grand jury investigation into WikiLeaks; leading artists, politicians, and journalists around the world have already signed, including Edward Snowden, Patti Smith, Noam Chomsky, Pam Anderson and many more

WikiLeaks is Courage’s newest beneficiary

Trustee John Pilger: this is a campaign about "a principle of freedom so fundamental that its defeat would mean the conquest of all of us."